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Per Mare 2018

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Lavet på Viognier og lagret i cementtanke.

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Per Mare 2018


Per Mare 2018 has become a symbol which perfectly illustrate MonteRosola’s ethos of supreme quality. With a unique personality, this Viognier is rich and complex with aromas of ripe citrus, yellow stone fruit and floral notes. The taste is intense and the notes from the scent return together with honey, and minerality that follow through a long, well-balanced aftertaste.


The grapes are hand-harvested with strict sorting: first, on the vine, then by individual clusters, and then again grape by grape. The grapes are pressed under protective gas and the grape must goes straight down into the fermenter. On its way, the must passes a heat exchanger that cools it down to 10 – 12 degrees.

The fermenter has cooling coils to keep the temperature constant. We use only the natural yeast found on the grapes’ skins.

A few days before the main harvesting about 100 kg of grapes are being picked to start the fermentation with their skins. This is then sifted, and the fermenting must is then poured into the other fresh must, which encourages fermentation. After the fermentation, the wine rests in the vats “sur lie” (on the yeast lees). Per Mare 2018 was bottled in May 2019.

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