The Sydney Reserve 2016

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95 Points Gold
– Ned Goodwin, The Halliday 2021

Vinen har lagret først 15 måneder i nye franske egetræsfade, dernæst 7 måneder i brugte franske egetræsfade. Gemmepotentialet er 10 år.

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The Sydney Reserve 2016

Winemaking notes

The key to this wine was the vineyard selection made at harvest. We were meticulous in choosing the most consistently ripe grapes from our 30 year old vineyard and fermenting in our favourite small fermenter. During fermentation, air was used several times daily to gently extract the flavours from the skins. Pressing was performed before complete sugar dryness to allow the fermentation to finish in new Dargaud and Jaeglé French Oak hogsheads. The wine was emptied from oak several times during its maturation and received a light fining before bottling.


Ned Goodwin fra The Halliday Tasting Team siger om vinen:
“A premium blend of optimally positioned fruit-site and ripeness, this is a stellar red. Again, medium-bodied of feel. For the better. Cassis melds with an exploration of the more intriguing side of this stiff upper lipped variety: graphite, lead and a sense of mineral. A feeling of ball bearings popping across the mouth, lubricating the saliva and preparing one for the next sip. Long and impressive.” – 95 Points Gold

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